Commercial Property Construction Services

You take your business seriously, and you’re looking for a commercial construction company that cares about your business just as much as you do. Whether you’re looking for the best commercial construction company in Minneapolis or the best company for renovating your commercial-residential property, Active Construction offers the most professional, high-quality, and reliable commercial construction services in the Twin Cities metro. Whatever you decide you need, Active Construction will ensure that the project is completed on-time, on-budget, and to the highest quality.

Big Projects Require Cutting-Edge Tracking Tech

You’re making an investment in your commercial property, and no matter the size of your budget, you want to be able to trust that it’s money well-spent. Rather than paying for a project and hoping it turns out for the best, you want a construction company that lets you check in on the progress at your convenience and regularly communicate your questions, thoughts, and needs directly to the crew. 

The Active Construction advantage is our dedication to providing up-to-date technology for you to stay on top of your very important project. Our online portal allows you to maintain full control and awareness of your project every step of the way, including the ability to:

  • Track progress online
  • View your project’s construction schedule
  • See pictures as the project progresses through various stages
  • Communicate directly with your project manager

Examples of Services We Offer:

Property Repair & Maintenance

ommercial property ownership is a long-term investment, and that means your property will require time and energy to maintain. Whether your property requires immediate repairs to get it back up and running, preventative maintenance to keep it from needing those sorts of repairs in the first place, or even just an aesthetic refresh to keep your tenants, customers, or clients happy, Active Construction will take care of making sure your commercial property looks and functions as well on year ten as it did on day one.

Leasehold Improvements

Regardless of if you own an office/retail property or a commercial-residential property, your #1 priority is keeping your current and prospective tenants happy and ready to sign/re-sign their lease. From new flooring in an apartment unit to custom wall installation for a new retail shop, leasehold improvements are a great opportunity to make your space more attractive to tenants. You need a commercial construction company that can make high-quality upgrades on-budget and with minimal disruption of you and your tenants’ lives and businesses, and Active Construction offers professional construction and renovation services in the Twin Cities metro at a value that makes these upgrades make sense financially for you and your tenants.


Your commercial property is the blank space, and a beautiful buildout is what really turns the space into something special that tenants, clients, and visitors will love. Of course, Tenant Improvement stipulations in leases often come with strict boundaries, limitations, and budgets, and at Active Construction, our crews do gorgeous work that stand the test of time while still meeting regulations, lease requirements, and budget restrictions.

Because the final buildout is often such a personal vision of the client or architect that needs to be executed to exacting standards every step of the way, our Job Progress Portal allows you and your tenant or client to track construction schedules, view work-in-progress pictures, and communicate directly with the project manager throughout the entire process.


Time to expand the building(s) on your property? New additions can provide space for new tenants, new amenities for existing tenants, or just make your current space more usable and your property more valuable. At Active Construction, our talented and professional construction crews will ensure that your building additions are completed exactly to your specifications on-time and on-budget, and that the end results look like they were there from the day the building first opened.

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